Even though he’s seen it all as a player, Michael “Hopper” McGrath took huge satisfaction from the latest effort by his Sarsfields camogie charges as they booked their place in another All-Ireland senior final.

There were faults with the performance and they rode their luck at times but when needed, the Galway champions dug deep to make sure they set up a coveted rematch with Slaughtneil on March 4th.

“They dug in fierce (deep) there against the storm in the second half,” said McGrath after the final whistle.  “We were level at half-time and in fairness, you wouldn’t give much for us at half-time.  But they dug in considering they’re (Sarsfields) such a young team (oldest is 25).

“And physically, they (Burgess-Duharra) were a lot stronger than us and the pitch, as the game went on, was cutting up as well.  But we dug in and got the result.”

McGrath was complimentary towards his opponents who didn’t surprise him by their determination to make a breakthrough staying with Sarsfields throughout the second half.

“They’re a fine team,” added the four-time All-Ireland winner with club and county.  “We know they’re a fine team and they’re way more experienced and way stronger physically than us and probably a better spread of players.  But ours had great heart and they just fought until the bitter end.”

The game had 48 frees and five yellow cards and McGrath wasn’t impressed with some of referee Eamon Cassidy’s decisions but was happy his team just kept focusing on their task.

“He was whistle happy in fairness,” added McGrath.  “I don’t know, this thing with the hand or what it is.  He must have given nine or ten frees.  I don’t know what they were for.  He let no flow in it.  It was frustrating but you just have to get on with it.”

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