Sinn Féin MEP opens up about “uncomfortable” issue of abortion

GALWAY daily matt carthy

Midlands North West MEP Matt Carthy has aired his views about the upcoming referendum, saying that like many people, he is ‘uncomfortable’ about the issue of abortion, but appealed to people to show compassion, care and trust in the women of Ireland by voting Yes on Friday.

The Sinn Féin MEP posted a video earlier today in which he discussed his feelings about the referendum.

“I believe it is possible to have deeply held personal beliefs without enforcing those beliefs on others,” said Matt Carthy.

“I have four daughters, if any of them were faced with a crisis pregnancy, I would offer them whatever support they required in order to continue that pregnancy.

“But if they made a different choice, I’d want them to know that I’d support them then too. I wouldn’t want them criminalised and I certainly wouldn’t want them to be beholden to English laws and English doctors.

“I wouldn’t want them to think that Irish society views them as being lesser.

“That’s why I’ll be voting Yes on the 25th of May.

“Not just for my daughters but for any woman that could be faced with those decisions. I know that deciding how to vote is a deeply personal matter. But my appeal is for us to show compassion, care and trust in the women of Ireland by voting Yes this Friday,” the Midlands North West MEP said.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising over the defacing of posters as the referendum campaign approaches its final few days.