City Councillor calls for unlimited travel public transport ticket

Galway Daily news City Councillor calls for unlimited travel public transport ticket

A €9 unlimited travel ticket for public transport would be good for savings and the environment, Galway City Councillor Niall McNelis has said.

The Labour councillor said the introduction of a climate travel ticket would represent huge savings for people in Galway, as well as helping Ireland meet its climate targets.

“Modelled on a similar scheme which was introduced in Germany, the ticket would entitle people across the country to unlimited travel, across all modes of transport, for just €9 per month.”

“Labour estimates that the carbon emissions savings of such a policy would be equivalent to removing 23,000 cars off our roads.”

“It’s time this Government was brave enough to take radical steps towards a cleaner future,” Niall McNelis said.

Labour is calling for the introduction of a €9 climate transport ticket to help people in Galway make the move to public transport; save on costs of fuel; and help Ireland meet emission targets.

Councillor McNelis said that if Ireland is serious about achieving emissions targets, people need to be enticed with carrots, not just sticks.

“People in Galway are all making more environmentally conscious choices daily, but Government needs to help make it easier and more cost effective for people.”