Portiuncula Hospital protecting patients’ mealtimes


Portiuncula Hospital is restarting an initiative that aims to ensure that patients get the most out of their mealtimes.

The protected mealtimes initiative sets fixed times for meals, during which time all non-essential activity on the ward will stop.

This is to prevent unnecessary interruptions to mealtimes and enables staff to assist patients with their meals.

“Please be assured that all essential and urgent care needs will be met,” the hospital said in a statement.

“Visiting is restricted unless prior arrangements is made with the nursing staff to assist with feeding.”

The programme is being reintroduced due to the importance of an uninterrupted ward environment, presentation, timing and nutritional content of food to patients’ recovery.

The protected mealtimes in question are breakfast (8.00 to 8.30), lunch (12.45 to 1.30) and tea (5.00 to 5.30).

This is one of a number of initiatives being rolled out in PUH to improve quality patient care.

For more information download the patient information leaflet available here.

Portiuncula Hospital also recently launched a mew dementia support initiative, providing families with information on support services, and more.