Three people rescued by lifeboat on Lough Derg

Galway Daily news Three people rescued by lifeboat on Lough Derg
Three people rescued by lifeboat on Lough Derg. Photo: RNLI/Eleanor Hooker

Three people were rescud on Lough Derg over the weekend after their boat ran aground on rocks, one of whom suffered minor injuries.

The Lough Derg RNLI lifeboat launched on Sunday afternoon, around 3:25pm, after reports of a 35ft cruiser aground at Illaunmor.

After some initial difficulty in finding the boat, they made contact with the stranded cruiser at the southern end of Illaunmor shortly after 3:30pm.

As the lifeboat neared the cruiser, it was evident from the diving platform that someone on the casualty vessel had suffered an injury.

One person had gone out in the water in their bare feet after the cruiser got stuck on the rocks, suffering lacerations to their foot.

Once the RNLI volunteers were satisfied that the person had no other injuries, he was instructed to remain seated with his foot elevated.

At first, the lifeboat tried to tow the cruiser off the rocks, but it was stuck fast.

They then decided to bring all three back to Dromineer with them, and informed the cruiser company of their stranded boat.

Peter Kennedy, Deputy Launching Authority at Lough Derg RNLI advises boat users to, “keep to the navigation route on your charts and keep a constant lookout”.