How Online Innovations Have Transformed Legal Services in Ireland

Galway Daily legal column How Online Innovations Have Transformed Legal Services in Ireland
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Few things have had an impact on businesses and organisations quite like the rise of online services. The internet’s growth and development has led to the creation of many new innovations, with a number having an impact on day-to-day activities across a range of sectors.

Of course, the world of legal services has not been immune to such changes and it is interesting to reflect on a few of the ways that the sector has been transformed by digital platforms and the online revolution.

Staying informed

One of the most obvious developments relates to the way that people can get information regarding various elements of the law. Many resources are now online, with the Courts Service of Ireland website being a great example of what is available. The portal includes information on upcoming hearings and judgments, as well as services for paying fines or submitting a small claim.

An online presence has also become a key way for firms to promote their work and attract new clients. Such trends are highlighted by the McGinley Solicitors website and its page on personal injury claims. It features lots of key information on the basics around such legal action, including some of the more common types of claims.

In addition, it also has tools that allow visitors to get in touch with the firm. Individuals can send across key information about their experiences using the Get Case Assessment form, which includes fields for contacts and accident details.

Learning and development

However, online services and tools have not just changed how people might get in touch with law firms. After all, they may have also had an impact on how some have been drawn to the profession.

For instance, anyone looking to study law can now browse different sites to determine which course or location might be the perfect fit for them.

As an example, the Trinity College Dublin School of Law page includes information on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. There are also updates on the latest news and events related to the school, including webinars that are being held.

Professional development has also been affected by the rise of online services. For instance, earlier this year, the Law Society of Ireland revealed that it was holding a five-week online course related to environmental law and climate change.

The initiative featured topics including environmental law enforcement and sustainable planning, while participants also had the chance to catch up on lectures on-demand.

Fascinating to see

Web-based services have had an impact on so many sectors and industries, but it is well worth taking a moment to look specifically at their effect on legal services.

The issues above are just a handful of examples of how the sector has been impacted and it will be fascinating to see how the online world continues to influence it going forward.

With new innovations emerging year after year, it seems clear that online technology will continue to play a role in the sector for a long time to come.