Spanish Arch and Claddagh Basin reopened

Galway Daily news More bins needed at the Spanish Arch to combat littering

The Spanish Arch and Claddagh Basin have reopened to the public as of Thursday after being closed for the past three weeks.

The City Council decided to shut both amenities at the end of May due to social distancing issues less than a fortnight after the first easing of lockdown restrictions began.

Along with these popular areas, the diving tower at Blackrock and path behind the golf course were also closed, as was the at Silverstrand and Ballyloughane beaches.

Blackrock Tower and Silverstrand car park were reopened last Friday, but the Spanish Arch and Claddagh Basin were not.

The council confirmed on Thursday evening that the barriers put up to keep people out have been removed, and the two attractions are now free for public use again.

“Barriers at the Spanish Arch and Claddagh Basin have been removed today and the area has now re-opened to the public.”

Ballyloughane car park has also been reopened. The city council is reminding people that they should still obey social distancing guidelines in outdoor areas.

Galway has now gone four days without any new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city or county, with 485 confirmed cases.

Thursday’s figures actually showed an overall drop of one case due to validation of data and address checking.

Since the start of June there have only been five cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Galway.