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Is ‘Zero Covid’ our way out? People Before Profit still thinks so

As we enter another period of strict Covid-19 restrictions due to case numbers spiralling out of control, People Before Profit has not changed its position on the approach the country should be taking.

The party believes that instead of rolling lockdowns until enough of the population is vaccinated, Ireland should be looking at a ‘Zero Covid’ approach.

People Before Profit’s Galway spokesperson Adrian Curran said that his party published a Zero Covid Roadmap document in October, that would get the country out of the cycle of lockdowns.

“Zero Covid does not mean eradication,” he explained. “It means the elimination of community transmission.

“A Zero Covid strategy allows us to get the level of the virus so low that it can be tested, tracked, traced, isolated and therefore contained so that there is virtually no community transmission.”

The PBP Galway spokesperson said that the key is to contain the virus so it can be prevented from spreading so that we can lift restrictions and prevent perpetual cycles of lockdown.

“This has been achieved in countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, China and Thailand,” he said.

“The Irish government and the Stormont Executive have caved in to lobbying from business interests and made a mess of our Covid response.”

Michael Malone
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