Your City, Your Say workshop this Saturday

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This Saturday afternoon Galway Environmental Network are hosting their inaugural event ‘Your City, Your Say: Be Part of It’, a free participatory city planning workshop.

As previously reported in Galway Daily, the workshop will highlight planning issues in the city of Galway and introduce the concept of participatory planning – where the public is asked for their input.

The free day-long event will kick off at 2pm in the Portershed and will run into the evening.

It promises to balance talks and workshops focusing how peoples’ voices can effect change in a city and the role of public participation in creating livable, environmentally-friendly cities.

Speakers on the day will include:
Angela Brady, Founder Brady Mallalieu Architects, RIBA Past President
Patrick Faherty, Assistant Planning/Projects Officer, NUI Galway
Diarmaid Lawlor, Director of Place, Architecture and Design Scotland
Kevin Leyden, Joint Director, Creative, Livable and Sustainable
Community Research Cluster Leader, Whitaker Institute
Frank Monahan, Architecture on the Edge
Ulf Strohmayer, Professor of Geography in NUI Galway
Rosie Webb, Senior Architect in Economic Development at Limerick City and County Council

Refreshments of tea/coffee will be provided and there will be a potluck tea.

To keep the event as green as possible, participants are requested to bring their own cutlery, plate and cup if they can.

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