5 Ways to Help Your Team Adapt to New Technology

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Introducing a new piece of technology to your workforce can often be a challenge. Some may find it hard to grasp the new system, while others may be resistant to change.

The key to successfully introducing new software is your staff’s understanding of it. When introducing new technology into the workplace, you become the teacher, and your employees become your pupils. 

To ensure that any new automated system is integrated successfully into your workplace, you need to be able to nurture their learning and be receptive to their criticisms.

Otherwise, you run the risk of losing money and wasting your valuable time and energy. That’s not to mention the effects that not implementing new technologies will have on the long-term growth potential of your business.

The following are some ways to help your team adapt to new technologies so you can all reap the benefits. 

Create a Sandbox

An easy way to teach your employees about business tech for the 2020’s and new systems within your company is by setting up a sandbox.

A sandbox is an online replica of the new software you will be implementing. It allows the user to play around in the software without actually affecting anything in reality.

Most people learn by doing, and this allows your employees to get to know the system without risking any major mistakes. 

Show Your Staff the Benefits

If you are receiving some pushback on the implementation of a new technology, you should have an open line of communication on why you are using it. Often these new advancements serve to benefit the employee as well.

Many vehicle fleets are implementing driver assistance systems to improve driver safety. These systems use AI or GPS technology to determine if a crash is about to occur and, best of all, it can reduce the severity of the impending collision.

By slowing down the speed of the vehicle, this system can improve safety and save lives. But your team might never know that if you don’t explain the benefits in great detail. 

Use Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms are another great tool when it comes to helping staff become familiar with new systems. You can upload instructional videos and helpful tips that they can review and refer back to at any time.

Many online learning platforms allow you to create quizzes too. Having regular quizzes during the transition period can help you evaluate everyone’s skill level and identify those who may need a little more help. 

Create a Mentorship Program

If you feel there are some people falling behind, you could set up a mentorship program. Those who are better at using the technology can provide one-to-one support to those who are struggling.

One-to-one teaching is often the most effective method for learning, and it’s a great way to encourage communication within your team members. 

Take Feedback

When trying to implement new technology into your business, it’s important to encourage feedback from your staff.

If they have an issue with the system or the learning process that isn’t addressed, you could run into issues further down the road.

Let your employees know that you are open to feedback, and that nothing is off the charts when it comes to discussion.