Business Tech for the 2020s


Do you find yourself wondering how to keep up with all the technological advances in your industry? Whether you want to or not, it’s imperative to stay up-to-date on the latest tech breakthroughs, inventions, and new products.

Missing out on even one upgrade or new concept can leave your organization far behind competitors who adopt as many tech-related tools as they can.

This can happen quickly too, digital signage is a good example, one minute business have banners and signs all over their storefronts, the next it’s one large screen with info, and your traditional signage looks dated. 

What’s the solution? For starters, remember that you don’t need to be an IT pro to stay abreast of the entire technical field. Instead, consider checking your current state of operations to make certain that you have the most common bases covered.

That means using strategies that include the newest versions of CRM (customer relationship management) chat-bots, fleet management programs, physical security for office and warehouse space, cloud storage for efficient use of computer memory, and the latest platforms that allow workers to do their jobs from home should the need arise.

Here are details about each of the most vital tech solutions for modern owners, entrepreneurs, and managers.

AI Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Continual advances in AI technology have been a benefit to customer service departments in companies of all sizes. One of the main reasons for this good news is related to customer service chat-bots.

The latest versions of these once clunky software programs are amazingly interactive, helpful, and are almost human in their use of language.

Truck Tech for Better Fleet Management

Fleet management is the heart of every efficient transport and delivery-related organization. If you ship goods from one place to another, having an up-to-date system in place is crucial.

For instance, dash cameras for trucks are considered a central feature of every modern fleet control program. Using AI (artificial intelligence) dash cams to report on road conditions, driver performance, route suitability, accidents, and dozens of other kinds of data are just one way that managers stay on top of what’s happening on the road in real-time.

Every year, fleet software and stand-alone products offer new twists on existing features, which means every business owner should consider upgrades on at least an annual basis.

24/7 Physical Surveillance

For organizations that store physical inventory, maintain owned or leased vehicle fleets, or simply work from office complexes where computers and other valuable equipment is stored, around-the-clock camera surveillance is the single most cost-effective way of keeping a virtual eye on all assets and workspaces.

Modern cameras are smart, mobile, and computer enhanced. Plus, prices have come down in recent years to the point that even very small enterprises can afford to outfit their business space with high-tech camera watch dogs.

Cloud Storage for Data

If you have massive log files or reams of sensitive customer and employee data taking up space on in-house computer disks, consider moving all your storage to the cloud.

Off-site, cloud-based solutions free up your own machines and allow active programs to run faster and without the need to protect data every time something needs to be stored.

The cloud has become an almost universal technological savior for companies that need lots of storage space but don’t want the burden of maintaining it on-site.