Useful info on the Galway Races


The week we have all been waiting for is here, finally!

Here is some useful information abut the busiest week on the calendar.

Can you bring a backpack or large bag to Galway Racecourse?

Backpacks and large bags are not allowed into Galway Racecourse, only small bags measuring no bigger than A4 (29.7cm × 21.7) will be permitted into the racecourse.

Will your bag be searched before entering Galway Racecourse?

Bags may be searched on entry to the racecourse and to avoid lengthy queues we strongly advise you to allow plenty of time to get into the racecourse.

What items are prohibited from the Racecourse?

Patrons should note that the bringing of alcohol, fireworks, smoke canisters, bottles, glasses, cans, flags, banners, poles, distress signals, laser pointers and other similar articles or containers, including anything which could or might be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited.

Is there anywhere to leave a backpack or large bag while attending Galway Racecourse?

There are no bag storage facilities near the racecourse and only small bags measuring no bigger than A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) will be permitted into the racecourse.

What other searches may take place?

You may also be searched at the entrance to Galway Racecourse which may include a full body pat down and/or use of hand held metal detectors. Any item(s), which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon, or which may cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event, will be confiscated.

Please note that confiscated items cannot be returned once the patron has entered the racecourse. Galway Racecourse reserves the right to search patrons within the racecourse or other parts of the site.

How to get there:

From Dublin & East

Follow R148 and N4 to M4 in South Dublin. Follow M4 and M6 to Bothar na dTreabh/N6 in Galway. Continue on Bothar na dTreabh/N6 to your destination

From Limerick

Take R445 to N18 in Clare. Take M18 to N66 in Galway. Follow N18 and R446 to your destination in Galway.

From Cork

Take N20N18M18 and N18 to R339 in Galway. Take Ballybrit Cres to your destination.

From The North

Get on A12 from A1 and Grosvenor Rd/B38. Take M1 to A1 in Lisburn. Take the A1 exit from M1. Continue to N1. Take M1M4 and M6 to Bothar na dTreabh/N6 in Galway. Continue on Bothar na dTreabh/N6 to your destination.