William Street West and Small Crane included in pedestrianisation plans

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Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/q-phia/

Galway City Council has confirmed that William Street West and the Small Crane in Galway City will be closed to traffic from next week to allow for outdoor dining.

The decision was made following meetings with Gardaí, the HSE and Galway Fire and Rescue Service after concerns were raised about whether the closure of the streets would be possible.

But while the Small Crane and William Street West will be closed in the evenings to vehicles, Dominick Street Lower and Upper is not included in the pedestrianisation plans.

Phase 1 of the plans for the ‘outdoor summer’ will see spaces created in Middle Street, Woodquay, Raven Terrace and Salthill to allow for outdoor dining – and they will be developed further in the next phases.

Additional public facilities have also been added across the city including additional portable toilets and public bins, Galway City Council says.

The Council says that the measures will continue to be assessed throughout the summer and alterations made as appropriate to respond to concerns and issues that may arise.