Why secondary school students across Galway have decided to skip school this Friday

secondary school students galway

Students from all over Galway will skip school this Friday to take part in a school strike for the environment.

The students, who attend secondary schools across the City and county, will gather in Eyre’s Square at 1pm to protest for the Irish Government to immediate take action on climate change.

The students are part of a global movement started by Greta Thunberg, with tens of thousands of students expected to take part in the school strike across the world.

The students formed a local pressure group, ‘Fridays For Future Galway’, last month and they plan to continue striking until action is taken on climate change.

The group have invited a number of local organisations to come out and support their strike this Friday including the Students’ Unions of both NUI Galway and GMIT.

They have also issued invitations to every elected member of Galway City Council to support their action.

“If we don’t act now we won’t have a future, why should we study for a future we won’t have,” said Alíona Hamilton of Fridays For Future Galway.

“Climate change is a fact, why should we learn facts if the government isn’t listening to the facts.’’

Photo by Sorcha Carrick. Photo from left to right- Alíona Hamilton, Eoin McGuiness, and Réitseal nic Donnacha all from Coláiste an Eachreidh, Athenry