Plans to convert use of Headford road creche facility turned down

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The city council has refused permission for a change to the approved use of unit on the Headford road from a creche to a day programme facility.

The Brothers of Charity made a planning application to change the use of the creche unit in Cairéal Mór on the Headford road.

The facility in question is on the ground floor of a block of apartments in the housing development.

When inspected, city planners noted that the creche was vacant, despite requirements that a residential development provide childcare facilities when it has more than 75 units.

City planners also said that not enough information was supplied by the Brother’s of Charity about what they actually intend to use the space for.

“Other than the description of the development as a ‘change of use of approved creche to day programme facility‘ the applicant has not submitted any details of what is proposed.”

“Taking into consideration the applicants, who are the ‘Brothers of Charity‘, it would be assumed that it is proposed to use this unit for the provision of a programme facility for adults under their care and not children.”

In refusing permission for the change of use, the city council said that this creche was needed for homes in the area.

“The existing childcare facility was permitted to service housing developments totalling 218 residential units.”

“And if permitted, the removal of this childcare facility would result in a significant loss of residential amenity,” city planners said.

“It would also encourage non-sustainable methods of travel, and would be contrary to the Galway City Development Plan”.