Vodafone submits plans for 30m antennae near Athenry to improve coverage

Galway Daily news Mobile tower plans to address broadband

Vodafone has submitted a planning application with Galway County Council to erect a 30m high antennae mast near Athenry.

The mobile network says the additional infrastructure is needed to improve their mobile and broadband coverage in the area.

The lattice structure would include multiple antennae, satellite dishes and ground based equipment surrounded by security fencing.

Vodafone plans to build the antennae structure at Caherateemore South, Belleville just north of Athenry.

Also included are submissions from the landowner, Mr John Bane, consenting to the application to build on his land, and Three Ireland.

The letter from Three says that with the rollout of 3G and 4G services, more telecommunications sites are needed for networks to meet their licence obligations.

It adds that in accordance with the county development plan and government guidelines, they share antennae structures for telecommunications equipment.

Thus the development could also improve Three’s coverage in the area.

Public submissions about the development can be made to Galway county council up to October 7.

A decision is due from the council on whether to grant planning permission by the end of October.