Upgrade works to cause water outages in Gort

Galway Daily news Upgrade works to cause water outages in Gort

Water outages are expected in Gort over the next three days as repair works continue on the water treatment plant.

Almost 2,800 homes in the Gort area have been under a boil water notice for the better part of four months due to a failure at the treatment.

Since then, repairs have taken place, and further upgrade works are underway to address the issue.

Filters and pipework at the plant have been replaced, and a new treated water reservoir is being built.

As part of these upgrade works, people living in Gort may experience low pressure or water outages this week from Tuesday to Thursday.

These works will take place from 5am to 12pm midday over those three days.

Irish Water’s Operational Lead, Rónan Daly said “We are delighted to be progressing with the upgrade works for Gort.”

“The upgrade to the existing water treatment plant is necessary to bring an end to the Boil Water Notice that local communities in Gort have experienced over the last number of months.”

“For now, the Boil Water Notice will remain in place until further notice to protect our consumers.”

“We completely understand the community’s frustration and can ensure everyone that we are working tirelessly to resolve the issues affecting the treatment plant.”

Irish Water has said that it will try to minimise disruption caused by the upgrade works over the next three days.

However, low water pressure and outages are more likely to affect homes on the edges of the network, or who live on higher ground.

It may take two to three hours after works are completed each day before affected homes see their full water supply restored.

Updates can be found on Irish Water’s supply and service website page.