Time to pick a route for R336 through Connemara and get to work says Galway TD

Galway Daily news Eamon O Cuiv disappointed Fianna Fáil not going ahead with SDLP merger

It’s time for the County Council to just pick one of six proposed routes for the R336 road though South Connemara and get on with it.

That’s the position of Galway West TD Eamon Ó Cúiv who says the proposed R336 going west past Bearna out towards Ros a Mhíl has been stalled for eight years since the six potential routes were identified.

The lack of progress on the project isn’t just costing people the road that isn’t there, the uncertainty that surrounds where it will go is having a real impact on people’s lives.

“There are families in south Connemara who have applied for planning permission who cannot get it approved because a preferred route for the R336 remains up in the air,” said Deputy Ó Cúiv.

“This is not only a source of great frustration; it is also inhibiting natural development in the south Connemara area.”

According to Deputy Ó Cúiv the existing R336 has the highest number of entrances of any road in the country, and is completely overloaded with traffic.

“The status quo cannot continue – there is major congestion along the R336 every morning and every evening. A new road is of vital for the social and economic development of the south Connemara area, and is particularly important for commuters.”

The Fianna Fáil TD says he has raised his concerns with the council’s Director of Services who agrees that it’s in nobody’s interest for to have so many possible routes identified without moving forward to pick one.

One option he suggests for progressing the  Connemara road project is that it be done in conjunction with the Galway City ring road.

“With the recovery in the economy, the “do-nothing” scenario is a non-starter.  What we now need is urgent action.”