TG Lurgan on a mission to find original music

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The well-known Irish language musical project TG Lurgan is on a mission, kicking off a national talent search for original music in Ireland.

To coincide with this, the musical project which releases interpretations as covers of many popular tunes with new lyrics in the Irish language have launched their collection of songs on Spotify.

TG Lurgan has featured among the top ten Irish produced videos on YouTube each year since bursting on the scene with their interpretation of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ in 2013 which garnered more than 5.8 million views.

One of TG Lurgan’s main goal for 2018 is to source several original songs and to develop, produce and record them to the highest standard during the summer courses.

They have an ambitious aim to publish some “earworms” that will get stuck in people’s heads this year.

Michael O Foighil of TG Lurgan said: “We are keenly aware that there are talented, creative songsters in our midst and this is an attempt to reach out and invite them to collaborate with us. The factors that make a song popular and likeable are catchy choruses, unforgettable riffs and hooks that stick in your head.

“These components are elusive to most except the creative few who can conjure up original melodic fragments that inspire and stir the imagination. For those who would like to contribute but who might feel that their level of Gaeilge might be a barrier, we say they need not worry as Irish Language lyrics are modified as projects evolve.”

TG Lurgan are issuing an invitation to composers and songsters who would work with the aim of producing quality original songs as Gaeilge. Artists and composers are not required to have Gaeilge as Irish language lyrics are modified and changed as the project evolves. A creative, engaging original score is by far the most important component.

“Our sole mission is to encourage engagement with the language using popular music. Our YouTube channel is the world’s leading minority language channel. All our content has been produced in a voluntary capacity and is not monetized in any way. With NuaNós the hope is to get a few really interesting original scores that can be developed.  Composers will have a hands-on roll in evolving/expanding the original concept,” said Michael.

“We are looking for composers to approach us with their own original concept, then our music engineers build a working draft. This concept is then expanded in conjunction with composer, lyrics, musicians, singers and the choir etc are then sourced during a course at TG Lurgan and the song is recorded. The final piece of the puzzle is a music video being created at shot to launch the song.

“They are out there, In creative unrest, Between that first line, and that final beat of perfection, Heart, passion, pursuit.”

TG Lurgan call to create is casting a wide net in sourcing original material. People aged from 16 upwards can send their tapes through to NuaNós.

If you have an exciting original tune and would like to develop it into a full-blown TG Lurgan production, contact Check out social media platforms and for more details.