Taxman takes over €22 million local property tax

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Over €22 million in Local Property Tax was collected in Galway city and county last year according to the Revenue.

The latest figures show that €8.3 million in LPT was paid by 32,500 households in Galway city in 2018.

The county council collected €14.2 million Local Property Tax from a further 72,500 households.

The compliance rate in Galway was slightly above the national average of 97 percent at 97.7% in the county and 98.7% in Galway city.

A breakdown of the figures shows that there were 500 deferrals in the city coming to €100,000 and 1,700 deferrals in the county totaling €300,000.

There were 600 exemptions in the city worth €200,000 along with 2,100 deferrals in Galway county coming to €400,000.

In total just under five percent of properties across Galway city and county were declared exempt from Local Property Tax.

There was a gap between the city and county in the valuation band that properties fell into, particularly at either end of the scale.

In Galway county 35 percent of properties fell into the lowest valuation band of €0 – 100,000 compared with 19 percent in the city.

In comparison just over 2 percent of properties in the county were valued at over €300,000, the highest band.

While in the city nearly three times as many properties fell into that category at 6 percent.

Overall €455 million in Local Property Tax was collected by the government last year.