Survey reveals main reason professionals are moving to Galway

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An improved quality of life and a healthier work-life balance are the main reasons some professionals have decided to move to the West, a new survey has revealed.

The results of the survey, published in the Irish Independent today, show that 90% of those who recently moved to the West said that their hope for an improved quality of life was the main reasons they moved.

Seventy-five percent also said that they now have a better work-life balance.

The survey asked almost 200 people their reasons for recently moving to Galway and Mayo.

Gaway East TD Ciaran Cannon said that the survey results provide yet another argument in favour of the Quiet Man Greenway.

Minister Cannon said: “The results of a survey conducted by HR Group Collins McNicholas in conjunction with IDA Ireland and published in this morning’s online Irish Independent, provide plenty of food for thought for both supporters of the Quiet Man Greenway and, indeed, anyone who still doubts the project.

“In the survey of almost 200 people who recently relocated to either Galway or Mayo, nine out of ten cited the hope of an improved quality of life as the main reason behind the move and three out of four have said that there is now a more enhanced balance between their working and home lives.

“I`m particularly pleased to note the view of the regional manager at IDA Ireland who has expressed strong faith in the West`s ability to attract Foreign Direct Investment while continuing to increase employment in existing businesses.”