Share your love of science with FameLab Galway

Galway daily science Share your love of science at FameLab Galway

NUIG is once again calling for scientists and science enthusiasts to share their love of any topic with audiences at FameLab Galway.

FameLab is the world’s largest science communication competition, taking place in 30 countries, where people are challenged to explain a complex topic quickly and in a plain speak.

With science becoming increasingly specialised, those working in the field can struggle to explain their projects to colleagues let alone the general public.

And explaining what it is you’re doing and what you hope to learn is a pretty important part of science, whether you’re begging for fund, trying to explain why your results are a big deal, or convincing the angry mob that you’re not a witch.

The FameLab competition, an initiative of the Cheltenham Science Festival, recognises this and challenges up and coming scientists, engineers and mathematicians to explain a complex idea in a straightforward and engaging way.

For the fifth year running NUIG is holding one of four regional heats for FameLab here in Galway, this year taking place on February 19.

Using just a small number of props people will have three minutes to explain their chosen topic to the judges and the crowd.

Expect to hear anything from why men have nipples to how 3D glasses work, and is nuclear energy a good or bad thing.

Presentations will then be judged according to FameLab’s “3 Cs”: Content, Clarity and Charisma.

The competition is open to people who apply STEM subjects in their work, in the armed forces or for the government, academics, and students.

Winning contestants from FameLab Galway will attend an all-expenses paid two-day communication masterclass over a weekend in March, and participate in the All-Ireland final held in Cork on Wednesday, April 15.

The winner will represent Ireland at the FameLab international finals at the Cheltenham Science Festival with representatives from organisations like NASA and CERN.

Training for FameLab Galway entrants will take place in Galway on Wednesday, 29 January, with the Regional heat scheduled for Wednesday, 19 February in An Taibhdhearc.

To register for this training event please fill out the online form here, and to take part in the regional heat in Galway next month, register here by Friday, February 8.