Puppies found abandoned and emaciated in field making healthy recovery

Galway Daily news puppies abandoned in field making recovery
Litter of Lurcher puppies found abandoned in field, Photo Credit: Galway SCPA

A litter of puppies who were found abandoned in a field have been making a good recovery thanks to the loving attention of Galway SCPA.

Seven Lurcher puppies were rescued by Galway SCPA late in August after being found abandoned in a field at just six week old.

The little lurchers were sick, weak, and mangy when they were first recovered, having been left to die in the field. One little puppy had sadly already died by the time they were found.

Later on, Galway SCPA rescued another two puppies from the same litter, and in a similarly bad condition, as well as their mum, who had her own health difficulties.

The road to recovery has been difficult in the weeks since, with the nine puppies struggling with multiple health problems, including being highly undernourished.

Many visits were made to Railway Vets in Loughrea over several weeks to deal with the multitude of health problems which threatened the lives of the puppies who had already endured so much.

Lurcher puppies under the care of Galway SCPA. Photo Credit: Galway SCPA

Thankfully, under the SCPA loving care they have flourished, with staff saying that they have “gleaming coats, waggy tails, blossoming personalities and who we now believe are out of danger”.

“They are still tiny, still somewhat frail but they are little fighters and now they have had a taste of the good life we just hope they will continue to gain weight and strength.”

Galway SCPA does incredible work rescuing animals who have been cruelly abandoned, like the heartbreaking case of a dog who was tied to a fence in Ballinasloe and left there for hours at least until someone called rescuers.

Happily this litter puppies are making a full recovery from the sorry state they were rescued in, and the latest update from Galway SCPA shows them enjoying a run in the sun in their back field, nearly two months after being rescued.

The video, which has been viewed more than 19k times, and any frame of which would make a great album cover, shows the once emaciated puppies bounding with joy, and sporting healthy, glossy coats.

The litter have been named with the help of suggestions from Facebook, with a chocolate theme for the sweet family of Marabou, Thornton, Ganache, Snickers, Tiffin, Bounty, Bourneville, Lindor and Bueno.

If you want to support the Galway SCPA in protecting our animal friends, go to https://www.gspca.ie/how-you-can-help/donate to make a donation, or visit their charity shops on Barrack Street, Loughrea or on Augistine Street, Galway City.