Upsetting video shows terrified dog abandoned in Galway

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A video showing a scared and confused dog which was tied up to a gate in Ballinasloe has angered thousands of people across the county.

Galway SPCA’s video, which has been seen by over 74,000 people, shows the terrified dog tied to the gates of a disused factory just outside Ballinasloe on Friday evening.

The dog was curled up in a ball, trying desperately to be invisible – but she was spotted by a passerby who did everything he could to find a number to ask for help.

By time Galway SPCA were contacted, an hour had passed and it was another 45 minutes before volunteers could get to the location.

In a post attached to the video on Facebook, Galway SPCA said that she was “scared, confused and submissive to the point of urinating in fear at the sound of a voice”, but also wanting to show that she needed help.

“We have since learnt that she had been there quite a few hours … tied up and left.

“We dread to think of her outcome had she not been seen and it was a possibility as she was curled up so small near bushes.”

The animal rescue team has now called her Shohei – meaning respect – and she has settled into sanctuary life.

“Not chipped, she has now completed her pound time and we look forward to one day soon seeing her curled up once again – this time on her forever sofa.”

Galway SPCA thanked the motorist who was not able to stop but who didn’t ignore her either and made sure he found her help. They also thanked the volunteers who rushed to her aid.