Preschool for Bullaun village granted planning permission

Galway Daily news Planning permission for Bullaun preschool

Galway County Council has given approval for the construction of a new preschool for the village of Bullaun near Loughrea.

Planning permission has been granted for a prefab building to the rear of Bullaun Parochial House which will provide preschool and afterschool services.

The application states that it is intended to run an afterschool service together with the local school “as there is no space suitable in the grounds of Bullaun school for a building for this service”.

Bullaun Hall Committee gave their approval for a planning application to be made for a building on the grounds of the Parochial Hall instead.

“As Bullaun school hope to construct a new school in the future, once this is constructed the preschool and afterschool service will be part of the new school building,” the planning application states.

The development will also involve decommissioning and upgrading the site’s wastewater treatment system to accommodate the increased demand.

Last October the county council requested more information about the number of children and staff this service will have, as well as details about its parking provision.

The developer said that the preschool/afterschool service will accommodate 20 children and two staff members.

Parking will consist of two staff spaces and five drop off spaces by the roadside for parents leaving or collecting children.

Planning permission was granted for the preschool with 11 conditions based on this information.