Support for Sinn Féin surges in latest Red C/ Business Post poll

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Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye

Sinn Féin’s support has surged by 3 points to 30% in the latest Red C/ Sunday Business Post poll published today, which is the highest level of support the party has received since Red C began polling 17 years ago.

Fine Gael remains the most popular party in the country at 33%, but has dropped four points since the last Red C poll published on 24 October.

The Sunday Business Post poll has Fine Gael’s government partners Fianna Fáil at 12%, up by one point, and the Green Party has lost support and is now sitting on 5% (-1).

While Sinn Féin will be pleased with the poll results, it also makes for good reading for some of the other parties – Social Democrats have increased their support to 4% (+1) while Solidarity – People Before Profit are now at 3% (+1).

There was no change for the Labour Party (3%) or Aontú (2%) and Independents and others still have 8%.