Plans for 104 houses and apartments in Athenry hit setback

Galway daily news

Plans for the construction of 104 homes in Athenry have been delayed as An Bord Pleanála have sent them back for amendment.

Laurem Construction Limited is seeking approval for a Strategic Housing Development consisting of 104 homes at Knockaunglass and Kingsland South in Athenry.

The proposed residential development would consist of 40 houses and 64 apartments, along with the creche required for housing developments over a certain size.

The developer was at the consultation stage with An Bord Pleanála to determine if the plans s submitted, qualified for an SHD application.

The Bord decided this month that they require further consideration/amendment before a full SHD application can be made.

A SHD is a type of planning application created in 2016, which allows for developments consisting of more than 100 residential units or 200 student accommodation bed spaces to be made directly to An Bord Pleanála.

The first step in the process is this pre-application consultation, where the Board and relevant local authority, Galway County Council, will review whether the documentation submitted consists of a reasonable basis for an SHD application.

This application for a Strategic Housing Development consultation was submitted to the Bord last October 28, and the planning authority ruled that they needed further consideration/amendment on March 15.