Paddy’s Day weather forecast for Galway: Sunny and dry?!

Galway Daily news Weekend of Fun for St. Patrick's Festival 2024 in Galway City

We can usually count on St. Patrick’s Day to bring dry weather and a bit of sunshine. And this year, it looks like the big man is looking down on us again, protecting us from the rain and the snow on our national day. At least in the West.

Contrary to reports that ‘we are in for snow this St.Patrick’s Day’, most forecasts, including Met Éireann’s forecast, are predicting snow only in eastern counties.

For Galway, Saturday (Paddy’s Day) will be dry with bright spells. It will be very cold, with maximum temperatures of 4 to 6 degrees.

It will also be breezy, with moderate to fresh easterly winds.

Saturday night will bring very cold and frosty weather, but it should remain dry. Scattered snow showers will fall in the eastern half of the country.

Sunday will be sunny but it will remain very cold. Scattered snow showers should be confined to the East and South, but scattered showers are possible in places. Maximum temperatures will be just 1 to 4 degrees. It will be very cold and frosty again on Sunday night, but mostly dry.

Thankfully, the temperatures inside the pubs will be much warmer.