New alcohol prices will increase importation from the North, says PBP Galway

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People Before Profit has reiterated its opposition to the government’s recent introduction of minimum unit pricing of alcohol.
The price increases came into effect last week and affects the prices of the cheapest off licence sales of beers, wine and spirits.
According to People Before Profit Galway representative Adrian Curran, it is a “desperate measure” which will redistribute wealth from working class people to retailers.
“It is an attempt to fulfil a Fine Gael manifesto promise from 2011 to protect publicans from low alcohol prices elsewhere.”
Curran said that this policy will push up the cost of living for young people and workers who consume lower cost alcohol, whilst having no impact on more expensive beverages.
Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol will see a minimum cost limit of €0.10 per gram for all alcoholic beverages.
The minimum price for a 12.5% bottle of wine, for example, will rise to €7.40, whilst the minimum price for a slab of Budweiser cans will rise to €40.76.
As an alternative, the PBP Galway representative suggested that the government should “create a public health education campaign to reduce alcohol consumption.”
“Prohibition does not work, regardless of its intentions,” he said.
“Pricing people out of alcohol will see an increase in the importation of alcohol from the North, and a rise in those turning to harder substances.
“It may even see some forego food, clothes and other essentials in order to purchase alcohol at its new, higher price.”