More time sought to build 22 homes in Headford for the second time

Galway daily news

Galway County Council has decided to extend the planning permission for a 22 home development at Deerpark, Headford.

The development, when completed, will consist of 10 four-bedroom semi-detached houses, 8 five bedroom semi-detached houses, and 4 six bedroom semi-detached houses with a garage.

The development will be an extension to the existing estate at Deerpark Woods in Headford.

Permission for this development was originally given by the county council ten years ago in August 2008, subject to 23 planning conditions.

In 2013, after the crash that stalled or killed many housing projects outright, planning permission was extended by a further five years.

This fresh application for more time is being made under Extension of Duration provisions in the Planning and Development (Amendment) Regulations circulated by Minister Eoghan Murphy last year.

According to this application, so far the works that have been done amount to creating a vehicular access, erecting site hoarding around the boundary, and placing a portacabin on site.

Galway County Council decided to grant the extension of duration with two conditions attached.