Illegal dumping needs proactive response says Murphy

Galway Daily news Galway TD calls for impounding of vehicles used in illegal dumping

More resources need to be allocated to fight illegal dumping in Galway which is both an “eyesore” and poses “potential public health concerns”.

Galway Roscommon TD Eugene Murphy said it is shameful to rubbish in parks, lay-bys and on roadsides from illegal dumping.

“We live is such a picturesque part of the country, and our local economy is heavily reliant on trade from tourism,” Eugene Murphy warned.

Deputy Murphy has said the government must give local authorities the power to find creative solutions to combat illegal dumping.

“Drone surveillance and monitoring could be deployed over dumping blackspots which could see people caught red-handed and prosecuted,” the Fianna Fáil TD suggested.

Fighting illegal dumping requires a lot of manpower, surveillance, and enforcement resources Deputy Murphy said, adding that not enough is being allocated to councils.

A €3 million Anti-Dumping initiative was announced in April which would focus on working with local communities on blackspots in rural areas and spreading awareness.

On top of being an eyesore, he warned that when toxic materials are dumped it poses potential public health problems.

“There needs to a pro-active rather than reactive approach to illegal dumping,” Eugene Murphy said.

“Taxpayers end up footing the bill when a Council team have to travel to a site and remove couches, washing machines, tyres or whatever it might be. It’s not fair and must be dealt with”