Leak tests to disrupt Ahascragh water supply until Friday

Galway Daily news https://www.water.ie/?map=supply-and-service-updates

Leak testing being done on the water network will disrupt the water supply of Ahascragh from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon.

Step testing will be carried out on water mains in the Ahascragh area from 10am on Thursday morning until 4pm on Friday afternoon.

Irish water says these leak detection works will disrupt the water supply to group water schemes in Cornamucklagh, Lowville, Castlegar West, Castlegar, Lisseygan and surrounding areas in Ahascragh.

Step testing is a method of detecting serious leaks within a water network.

It involves dividing the network into zones and shutting off valves, then recording the drop off in flow.

Where there is a disproportionately large drop off, that likely indicates you have a leak.

According to Irish Water, almost half of our pumped water is lost through leaks in the network.

The National Reduction Programme aims to save 166 million litres a day, enough to fill 66 Olympic swimming pools.