Joe Loughnane named PBP candidate for general election in Galway West

Galway Daily news Joe Loughnane suspended from PBP

People Before Profit have announced that their local candidate for the general election next month will be Joe Loughnane, running in Galway West.

It was announced by the Taoiseach this morning that the next general election will take place on Saturday, February 8 as the

Adrian Curran, a branch spokesperson, said that Loughnane is an ideal candidate for them because he is not a career politician, but an activist.

“He has campaigned for public housing, environmental issues and worked extensively for the pro-choice movement in the city. He has also been working very closely with various groups in an anti-racist capacity.”

Loughnane is the founder of the Galway Anti-Racism Network and the Galway branch of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and has also been heavily involved in student activism, housing protests, and the Yes campaign last year.

As well as his history of speaking out against discrimination against minorities, PBP Galway said that they believe Loughnane would bring principled, socialist solutions to the Dáil that would benefit working people.

“It isn’t enough for modern socialists to just point the finger at problems. You have to bring solutions to the table,” Joe Loughnane said.

“And whether it’s around housing, transport or the environment, we believe People Before Profit have the policies that will give Galway the best chance of turning the tide on these issues.”

Other issues which Loughnane said he will be campaigning on include environmentalism, public transport fares, waste management, and supporting the arts in Galway.