It’s a ratty place – Galway second most rodent infested county in Ireland

Galway Daily news Galway has third highest level of callouts for rodents

Galway is the second most rat infested county in Ireland according to vermin exterminators Rentokil, accounting for 11 percent of all callouts.

Dublin took home first prize by a significant margin, accounting for a third of all exterminator callouts this year for rat and mice infestations.

After Dublin and Galway, the counties most infested by rats and mice were Clare (9%) and Limerick (8%).

Experts say that say that an unusually warm summer created ideal conditions for rats and mice to thrive and breed.

Now with the onset of winter they’re making their way indoors to seek shelter from the cold and in search of easier food supplies.

While rat infestation always go up in Rentokil has noted an overall 34 percent increase in the number of calls they’re getting this year.

The Autumn/Winter spike has also occurred a month earlier than typical, which the company believes could be attributed to a rise in extreme weather events due to climate change.

It’s expected that the number of rat infestations in homes and businesses will continue to grow this year throughout the winter months.

People who think they might have an infestation of rats or mice should be on the lookout for dropping around their house, and listen for scratching sounds inside the walls or underneath the floors.

To avoid inviting rodents into your home, people should avoid leaving food out in the open, keep the house and garden tidy to reduce hiding places, and keep your garbage in a securely sealed bins.