Sun’s out – Irish Water Safety is urging people to be safe in the water

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Irish Water Safety are encouraging people to be safe around the water whilst enjoying the heatwave that we are set to bask in this coming week.

We had a nice spell of warm weather at the beginning of the month before being hit with rain and wind in the last week or two.

Thankfully another spell of sunshine is forecast for the coming week and Irish Water Safety are urging people to be careful in the water.

Chairman of Irish Water Safety Martin O’ Sullivan warns of the dangers of that surround the water.

“With the recent spell of good weather, we flocked to our beaches and waterways. It was a reminder of how fantastic a resource they are and of how great our country is when the sun shines.

“Sadly, it has also been a time of tragic loss. In the two weeks of good weather, ten people drowned accidentally in Ireland, eight swimming and two fishing.

“In swimming pools, on beaches, on rivers and lakes, in our homes, on our farms, in quarries and in our work places, water poses real and often unseen dangers.

“Talk to your children, help them become more aware and encourage to practice the simple safety rules,” he added.

As follows here are some of the guidelines Irish Water Safety have given in order to stay safe in and around the water.

  • Swim within your depth – stay within your depth.
  • Swim at designated bathing areas where lifeguards are on duty.
  • Children love water so constant and uninterrupted supervision is essential.
  • Stay away from edges.
  • Wear a wet suit if you are not used to the cold water.
  • Use local knowledge to determine local hazards and safest areas to swim.
  • Always wear a life-jacket when on or near the water.
  • Alcohol is a factor in 1/3 of drownings. Don’t mix it with water activities.

Irish Water Safety have also advised swimmers and beach goers on what to do if you see someone in difficulty.

  1. Shout to the casualty and encourage them to shore. This may orientate them just enough.
  2. Reach out with a long object such as a branch or a piece of clothing but do not enter the water yourself.
  3. Throw a ring-buoy or any floating object and call 112 for the coast guard.

Galway beaches are set to be full to the brim with people who want to bask in the sunshine this week so follow the advice of Irish Water Safety and be safe while enjoying the heatwave.