COSTA DEL GALWAY! Up to 25 degrees expected in upcoming heatwave

galway sun heatwave weather

After the longest spell of warm weather in years, things have returned to normal in the last week or two.

But there’s good news… There’s another heatwave just around the corner!

Next week will see temperatures up to 25 degrees, and from Sunday we should see much warmer weather than we have been experiencing in recent days.

It looks like it will stay dry in Galway from tomorrow on, with sunny spells every day and temperatures rising by one or two degrees each day until at least next Tuesday.

From tomorrow until Saturday, it will be dry with sunny spells, but it won’t be too warm – between 16 and 18 degrees.

On Sunday, temperatures will hit 21 degrees in sunshine, and this looks like it will rise well into next week, according to the Weather Channel.

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