Hundreds of students line Eyre Street for Donegal Tuesday

Galway daily news massive crowds of students turn out for Donegal Tuesday

Students are out in huge numbers today to celebrate Donegal Tuesday, the main event of the unofficial Rag Week.

Each year hundreds of students line Eyre Street in their jerseys from the early hours of the morning to get into the Hole in the Wall pub for Donegal Tuesday.

The pub has extra security staff on the street to manage the crowds of students waiting for their chance to get into the packed venue.

Lines have formed down the length of the street and around the corner towards Eglinton street as students wait for a long time to be let in.

NUI Galway and GMIT ended any association with Rag Week years ago, but it has persisted as an unofficial student event.

An email sent round to NUIG students on Monday from Pól Ó Dochartaigh, Registrar and Deputy President of the university, and President of the Students’ Union Megan Reilly dodn’t mention the Rag Week celebrations specifically, but cautioned students to be on good behaviour this week.

“While acknowledging the many positive achievements, there are occasions when the University receives complaints about student behaviour,” the email read.

“You should be aware that all such complaints are followed up by the University, and in cases where our Student Code of Conduct has been breached, then sanctions or disciplinary procedures are put in place.”


Additional garda patrol units are also on duty in the area today, as they are every year, as the ‘festivities’ are expected to continue well into the night.