Heatwave set to continue into next week!

galway heatwave continues galway weather

The warm weather is set to continue in Galway, with temperatures of over twenty degrees forecast until the middle of next week at least!

However, it won’t remain quite as sunny as we have seen in recent days.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be though – with blue skies and temperatures of up to 25 degrees by mid-afternoon.

Thursday and Friday will still be warm and over 20 degrees, but slightly cloudier, with a chance of rain and scattered showers on both days.

As for the weekend, Saturday will see the sunshine return to Galway, with a slight chance showers in the early afternoon. It will be cooler than this week, but still very pleasant at 20 degrees.

Sunday looks like it will be a bright and warm day, but again, there is a chance of showers.

And into next week, it will stay warm – after a few cloudier days, the blue skies will return, and although there are only early indications as of yet, sunshine is expected up until Thursday 7th June at least!