Galway University Hospitals cancelling non-urgent procedures due to extreme pressure

Galway Daily news

Galway University Hospitals continue to be heavily impacted by COVID-19, with added pressure from high numbers of people at the emergency department.

Non-urgent elective procedures are being postponed to the lack of bed capacity at the moment, with urgent, time sensitive cases being prioritised.

There were 50 confirmed cases at GUH as of last night, with three of them in the ICU.

In a statement issued today, the Saolta Hospital Group said that there are currently three wards dedicated to treating patients with COVID-19 and a further six wards have areas dealing with outbreaks.

The number of people presenting to the Emergency Department continues to be very high, with 254 attending yesterday.

The number of patients with COVID-19 being treated in hospital and the number of people who need to be admitted from the Emergency Department is having a significant impact on bed capacity and as a result patients are currently experiencing significant delays.”

There were 38 patients waiting on trolleys for a bed to become available at UHG this morning.

The hospital acknowledges that these delays are very difficult for patients and their families and apologises for the inconvenience and distress these delays cause.”

Every effort is being made to discharge patients who are ready to go home so that beds become available for patients who need to be admitted, at the earliest opportunity.”

Patients whose procedures are being postponed will be contacted by the hospital directly. Saolta has said that the situation is being kept under review.

Outpatient appointments and day case procedures are proceeding as usual and people should come to their appointments unless advised otherwise, or if they have COVID symptoms.

The visiting restrictions imposed due to the outbreaks in hospital remain in place, with visits only allowed on compassionate grounds, if arranged ahead of time.