Gannet Fishmongers develop amazing new app!

gannet fishmongers new app

The award-winning Gannet Fishmongers Gannet Fishmonger MD Stefan Griesbach knows a simpler life is a better one.

And the fishmongers have stepped up again to bring more innovation into their business practice and into the kitchens of their leading wholesale customers.

Between running Gannet and, Stefan Griesbach is dealing with numbers, orders as well as large scale deliveries.

Never one to simply let things be, Stefan looked at how he could make his live easier and of course the chefs around the country they supply to.

The Gannet Fishmongers ordering app which was developed in conjunction with Boon Agency in Galway is a tool that Chefs and Restaurant customers will have on their smart phone.

Looking at a restaurant like Kai in Galway, head chef Jess Murphy wants Turbot tomorrow night, then all she has to do is log into the app, clicks the products, clicks the amounts, and send it away.

No more texting order, no more phone calls. Gannet receive a printed ticket and everything is traceable.

“The traceability is huge as maybe a sous chef will order fish today and things change tomorrow and there is always so much going on in kitchens, this app allows your fish and seafood orders to be logged and visible to all your kitchen staff and to the staff at Gannet,” explained Stefan.


“It cuts down on admin and pointless printing, phone calls and late-night text messages. We are just on the app.

“Not only saving myself and my customers precious time dealing with logging in the orders, but also providing me with an instant access to real time sales reports for every product within a set period, a date or a customer.

“This is huge in taking care of much of the constant guess work that was going on in my head at all time.”

The app has been tested for over 8 weeks by Gannet clients and the reaction has been so positive.

The concept of this app was conceived and designed by Stefan in conjunction with the software developers of Boon Agency in Galway. The potential for this app goes beyond the specific need of Stefan’s fish business.

Boon agency management was smart and very keen to discount the development cost of the app in order to tap into Stefan unique expertise and offer this app as a cross over platform to other suppliers and producers in the food sector in Ireland.

“Gannet needed to make things better in the back of house, changes like this mean that we are working smarter, more efficiently and again strengthening relationships with our own wholesale customers. When things are there on your smartphone and traceable it just means the confusion goes out the window,” said Stefan.

Gannet Fishmongers have a reputation for innovation when in 2015 they lead the way by being the first fish independent company in Ireland to invest in an electric van to add to their delivery fleet, this van is now fully paid off (€22,000) with the only running costs at a service for €80 per year and the usual tax and insurance.

This year they were awarded The Prix D’Excellence for 2017/2018, the company is the only fishmongers in the west of Ireland to be awarded and to be made a Jury member by the PDF Fishmongers association in France.

Gannet Fishmongers has ramped up their commitment to the environment again with the introduction of no more plastic bags on their markets and in their factory shop. In April they introduced their first order of compostable bags at their factory shop at Gannet HQ in Galway, with an unprecedented positive response from their customers.

Being ethical and sustainable doesn’t stop with the fish they buy for sale, this Galway based company wants to ensure it has a positive impact on the environment. “We care about fish and not just the ones we eat!” explained Stefan.

The compostable bags are made with potato starch, they are 100% biodegradable, and go straight into the domestic compost bin, which is a better, smell free way to dispose of any bits left over after your meal.

“Our aim is not to create anymore waste, we use reusable & washable plastic containers for all our local deliveries.  We are committed to phasing out plastic completely and really want to encourage all our customers to work with us on this. We all have a responsibility to think about how we are behaving both as a business and as a customer, by working together things can really start to improve. We need to be accountable, “said Stefan.

Gannet Fishmongers Factory Shop is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm at their HQ in Ballybane Industrial Estate. Visit Gannet at Galway Market each Saturday or order fish to your door anywhere in the country at . Download is available on the Istore or Play store under (Gannet ordering app)