When will Galway see the best of this latest heatwave?

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You heard it here first last week – we are looking down the barrel of at least another week of scorching weather!

Temperatures will be hotter in Galway than in parts of Spain during the incoming heatwave, but which days are shaping up to be the hottest in years in Galway and the West?

We’ll get straight to the point.

Thursday and Friday will be the hottest days this week, with temperatures expected to be in the late twenties!

Met Éireann’s early forecast says it will be very warm or hot with temperatures mostly in the low to mid-twenties on Monday and Tuesday and reaching the mid to high 20s in many areas for the rest of the week.

Although the weather is great today, it will get warmer each day until at least Thursday when temperatures look set to peak at 28 degrees Celsius.

They are expected to drop slightly by next weekend, but it will stay warm and sunny even after Thursday and Friday and as of now, there is no end in sight for this heatwave!

As for Tomorrow, we will see the first day of temperatures in the low twenties. Monday will see highest temperatures of 24 degrees, with 26 on Wednesday and then 27  or 28 degrees Celsius hitting our shores towards the end of the week.

Many bookies are predicting this summer to be the hottest on record.

For once, let’s hope they’re right.