Galway woman to shave head in fundraiser for Bodywhys

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Galway woman Caoimhe May will shave her head in a fundraiser for Bodywhys, the national voluntary organisation supporting people affected by eating disorders.

Caoimhe is a recovered survivor of anorexia nervousa and says that the support and facilities in Ireland to treat eating disorders are completely inadequate.

Donations have flooded in and Caoimhe has raised €800 so far on her official GoFundMe campaign page, and is now closing in on her target of €1,000.

Caoimhe’s recovery began on 19 May 2020, and says that immediate help is so important, yet so many people deteriorate or die before they receive the help that they need.

“The reason I am raising money for Bodywhys is because the more facilities and free help there is in Ireland for eating disorders, the better. But that costs money that no government is going to give us any time soon,” she said.

“When I was at my sickest, I lost my hair. While I’ve grown the majority of it back now, I think it’s worth losing it again if I can even at least help one person from spiralling down into an eating disorder or giving someone who’s hit rock bottom a better chance.

“That is why I am asking you to please, please donate whatever you can to support me shaving my head for those suffering from an eating disorder in Ireland.”

The GoFundMe campaign has been set up to raise money for Bodywhys to try to help those who are going through a difficult time to come through the other side.

Founded in 1995, Bodywhys’ mission is to ensure support, awareness and understanding of eating disorders amongst the wider community as well as advocating for the rights and healthcare needs of people affected by eating disorders.

Their vision is that people affected by eating disorders will have their needs met through the provision of appropriate, integrated, quality services being delivered by a range of statutory, private and voluntary agencies.

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