Galway mourns the loss of a legend – Keith ‘Disconaut’ O’Hanlon

Galway News - Deaths - Loss of a Legend - Keith 'Disconaut' O'Hanlon

Keith O’Hanlon of the Disconauts tragically passed away one week ago on October 11, 2018.

One of the finest DJs in Ireland for more than 20 years, Keith was beloved by many in Galway as part of long-standing local DJ/drum collective the Disconauts.

The Disconauts – including Keith, Pádraic O’Connor, and drummer Mark Logan – have been spinning disco funk around town since the 90s.

Keith’s unexpected passing shook the local music community to its very core.

He had touched so many lives around the world that he was even given a shoutout on Melbourne radio in Australia.

Known and loved for his quick wit, warmth, and love of music, he leaves a massive hole in Galway’s nightlife that will be felt for years to come.

But there has been an outpouring of love and support from Keith’s many friends and family, who have shared stories, photos, and – above all – music.

Here are some of the most poignant public online tributes to the Galway music legend.

Post about Keith on the Blue Note Galway's page

And a person called “Q” wrote:

“Like so many of us, I’ve been simply floored by the news of the passing of our disco brother Keith. As we collectively pick ourselves off life’s big crazy dance floor, a few retrospective thoughts, before I head west to say goodbye.

“We have been so very lucky to have the Disconauts in our collective lives. It was like having Eric Elwood at Connacht, Eamonn Deacy at Galway United, Joe Canning with the hurlers or Ja Fallon with the footballers.

“Some of the very best around, playing right here at home. Yeah, our guys. And what’s more, they let us in to their world with such open arms. And Keith, always with such a big heartening hug and absolutely cracking tunes.

“And no more than Cork in its 90’s heyday, the Galway vibe has become a gorgeous way of life, so embracing to so many people from so many walks of life who meet up and dance the night – and often their troubles – away. The Disconauts dance floor was love, therapy and healing – all beautifully rolled in to one.

“It is only as I watch my nephew and nieces grow up that I appreciate what is truly innate in us – singing, laughing, dancing and having fun – attributes that we often forget as we grow older and sometimes more cynical in an ever challenging world.

“Through music, amazing vibes and that exquisitely warm west of Ireland welcoming atmosphere – Keith, Padraic, Mark and so many more helped remind us of what is both innate – and most important…

“Thank you Keith for all the music, all the memories and for reminding of what truly matters. The most lasting legacy we can return in tribute is to keep on dancing.

“Massive love & to Padraic, your family and many friends. From your extended disco clan, we’ll miss you so much bro.” -Q.

And because no obituary for a music legend would be complete without music, here are a couple of the Disconauts’ mixes:

Rest in Peace Keith.

Keith Disconaut O'Hanlon