Galway medtech companies 3D printing equipment for frontline staff

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The current health crisis has brought out the best in communities and businesses around Ireland, and in that vein Galway is lucky to have such a thriving medtech community which is turning its efforts towards helping frontline staff in this pandemic.

The Galway based medtech companies 3D Technology Ltd. and MedScan3D have turned their 3D printing technologies towards proving essential equipment and PPE for medical staff.

3D Technology Ltd. has been manufacturing and delivering urgent supplies of 3D printed connector parts for respirators, important equipment when faced with a pandemic of a respiratory disease such as Covid-19.

“Since the arrival of this pandemic, we have examined ways in which our technology can assist our healthcare workers who are fighting this crisis on the frontline,” said 3D Technology founder James Wall.

“One area we identified is the printing of respirator connector parts for existing hospital respirators around the country, which helps ensure the limited number of respirators we have available continue to operate correctly.”

“To date the connector parts have been highly valued, with Beaumont Hospital amongst others commending their usability and suitability.”

In addition to the respirator parts printed by 3D Technology, its sister company MedScan3D has been active in printing much needed PPE for frontline healthcare workers.

In particular, the company is supplying face shields printed using engineering grade nylon.

This allows the brims of the shields to be reused by placing them in an autoclave, with only the plastic shields required to be disposed of.

One local group which has benefited from Medscan’s generous efforts in recent days is Galway Hospice.

They recently took to twitter to thank the medtech company for donating face shields for their Palliative Care staff, to help protect both staff and patients.

We have been supplying our 3D printed face shields to a number of healthcare organisations and the feedback has been extremely positive”, says Jacqui O’Connor, Technical Director at MedScan3D.

“Not only are we able to turn around the face shields very quickly, we have also been advised by frontline healthcare workers of their comfort and usability which is fantastic.

Jacqui said that they are delighted with the feedback they have received from frontline medical staff about the PPE they have been providing.