Galway East returns first official result of country: 60.19% Yes

Galway Daily news Galway East returns Yes result

The first official referendum result of the country has been announced in Galway East and its 60.19% Yes, 39.81% No.

The result is just slightly lower than unofficial tallies from this morning which predicted a Yes win with 61% of the vote as polling stations were being counted.

Turnout in the district was 63.47% with 44,192 votes being cast out of an electorate of 69,631.

In the final count there were 26,525 Yes votes and 17,546 No votes, with 121 spoiled ballots.

Early tallies put support for the Yes side in Galway East as particularly strong in the Kinvara area where its estimated 72% of people voted Yes

We’ll have more updates as the rest of the districts return their results this afternoon.