Fundraiser for medical treatments of young woman hit in face by firework

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A fundraiser has been started online to pay for the medical expenses of a young woman who was seriously injured by a firework in Eyre Square.

The 19 year old woman was struck in the face by a firework thrown in the early hours of the morning last Friday, and was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

A fundraiser has been set up on Go Fund Me to cover the costs of future medical treatments that will be required to treat her injuries.

Almost €7,000 has been raised of the target of €30,000 for the ‘Eyre Square Firework Victim – Medical Treatments’ campaign in less than a day, with donations from more than 310 people.

The organiser of the fundraiser, a friend of the family, said in it’s page that this random violence could have been “any family’s experience”.

“Several reckless and careless people who lacked not only common sense in the first place but the respect and basic morals to come forward afterwards have seriously hurt a wonderful young woman and shaken her entire world.”

“There are extremely serious physical injuries and emotional repercussions of this accident which as friends of the family, we hope to provide for.”

“Accidents like this are terrifying and life-altering but surrounded by family and friends, our girl has already reminded us of how strong she is and so undeserving of such a nightmare.”

Due to the trauma of this violent incident, the young woman injured wants to keep her details private, and donors who may know her were urged not to use any personal information.

It is also hoped that this incident, and fundraiser, will raise awareness of the dangers of illegal fireworks, and of reckless, indifferent behaviour in general, and prompt people to raise the issues with their local representatives.

In an update today the organiser said that the family wishes to “sincerely thank every single person” who has donated to the campaign so far.

“Our girl is resting in hospital in between medical treatments but is in good spirits, already making her family smile again.”