Footpath and stone wall for Cloonboo Cross will keep pedestrians safe

Galway Daily news Cloonboo Cross footpath and stone wall

A new footpath and stone wall are being installed at Cloonboo Cross at the entrance to the village of Cloonboo for pedestrian safety.

The laying of the footpath and the stone wall construction got underway last week and when complete will enhance the appearance of the village and provide a safe place to walk.

This is a joint project by the Cloonboo Tidy Village community group working together with Galway County Council.

“This is our biggest project to date and we have made a significant financial contribution towards the works,” a spokesperson for Clopnboo Tidy Village said.

“All this has been made possible by a very hard working committee and tremendous support we receive locally and surrounding areas.

“We would like to thank the Hughes family who allowed us to carry out the work on their land.”

The group also offered its thanks to local county councillors James Charity and Mary Hoade who are “always available to advise and promote projects”.

“It’s fantastic to see a Community working together, well done everybody.”