Fire fighters rescue man after four storey fall down a narrow shaft

Galway Daily news fire fighters rescue man after four storey fall

Firefighters in Galway City pulled off an extremely tricky rescue after a man fell four storeys at a construction site this weekend.

The construction worker, a man in his 30s, was the subject of a rescue operation after he fell four storeys into a confined shaft at his workplace.

The accident at a construction site on the Fairgreen road was attended by the fire service, gardaí, and ambulance crews.

Galway’s Fire Service said that the rescue operation was “very technical” as the man had fallen into a confined space, but that the results were successful.

“A Technical Rope Rescue hauling system was put in place in order to lower our specialised Rope Rescue Technicians down to the injured man.”

“Once in place they assessed the patient, gave pain relief in accordance to the paramedics who were on scene and strapped him to a spinal board.”

“He was hoisted vertically up the 4 stories, then lifted by our Aerial Ladder Platform from the top of the building down to the waiting Ambulance.”

The man was taken to University Hospital Galway with injuries which are understood to not have been life-threatening.