Empathy, inclusion and meeting young people’s education needs

Galway Daily news NUIG education research partnership

Making sure that young people are getting the best education for their development and wellbeing is an ongoing process, and a new research partnership at NUIG is aiming to meet their greatest needs both in the school and outside of it.

The School of Education and UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre at NUIG are sharing their expertise on the needs of young people and how they can be better met, both in Ireland and internationally.

This research partnership has identified priority areas to look at such as developing empathy and well-being; inclusion and diversity; STEM education; special educational needs; educational policy; participatory and practitioner research methodologies; and educational design.

Professor Gerry Mac Ruairc, Head of the School of Education at NUIG, said this initiative “provides greater, enhanced capacity at NUI Galway for shared impactful research and graduate study in the promotion of young people’s education and well-being, in and outside of school.”

Professor Pat Dolan, Director of the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre said that by combining their areas of knowledge the two sides can work on ways to promote and enhance education in formal and non-formal contexts.

“Our alignment in research will impact significantly on our current and future work, particularly in terms of augmenting our impact with schools, practitioners, families, parents, and our educational partners and stakeholders, including the regulatory context and policymakers.”