Galway teachers learn about exploring the ocean

Galway Daily education Galway teachers learn about exploring the ocean

More than 100 primary school teachers from Galway and beyond have been learning to teach their pupils about the oceans and coasts through the Marine Institute.

The Oranmore based Marine institute has been delivering a five day training course for over 70 teachers from Galway, Kerry, Waterford, and Cork as part of the Explorers Education Programme.

A further 40 teachers have been completing the continuing professional development programme online.

The Explorers Programme’s teacher training courses provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to introduce marine themes to science, maths, geography, English and arts in the classroom, as well as conducting field trips to the seashore.

Among the interactive activities it highlights to engage children are exploring sand dunes and rock pools, beach clean ups, and learning about the seashore animals and the different types of seaweed.

Ms Cushla Dromgool-Regan of the Explorers Education Programme said that they were delighted with the feedback from teachers on how what they learned was of use in the classroom and wider community.

“One teacher explained that she had recently seen a mother finding it difficult to answer her child’s questions about what they were seeing on the shore in the rockpools, and unfortunately quickly pulled the child along.”

“The teacher said at the time she felt disappointed she couldn’t help, but now after completing the Explorers course, she feels confident to help potential seashore explorers in this situation.”

“She is now looking forward to paying it forward and encouraging children and parents to keep exploring over the summer – as well as when she gets back to school.”

The Explorers Education Programme is managed by the Camden Education Trust and support services are provided by Galway Atlantaquaria.

The programme is funded by the Marine Institute, Ireland’s state agency for marine research, technology development and innovation.